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How You Can Help

Mission Statement

Canton Parents for Music must raise nearly $10,000 anually to maintain the funding for the following expenses that are not covered by the BOE or the Music Department budget:

Piano Accompanist (4-12); Percussion Artist in Residence (7-12) Vocal Artist in Residence (9-12) Field Trip Bus Costs (K-12)

Guest Artists (K-12) Flute  Artist in Residence (9-12) ; Brass Artist in Residence (9-12) and Vocal Artist in Residence (9-12)

These initiatives are necessary to help make the Canton Public Schools K-12 Music program unique and special.  In the future, we hope to expand the reach of our existing artist programs and support proposed Woodwind Artist in Residencies as well as continue our annual Park and Canton Celebrates Concerts!!

​​​​Our members and volunteers all have one thing in common; they know that through their efforts, they have contributed to a program that touches more than half of the Canton student population and keeps the beauty and magic of music alive.

Your generous support helps purchase instruments, funds artists in residence, subsidizes visiting artist programs and defrays transportation costs.

For those of you looking for a place to volunteer, we welcome everyone, from the one time ticket taker to the creator of a fund raising initiative.

The members of Canton Parents for Music are parents, students, alumni and music fans, like you who have seen Canton's children’s lives enriched through music and are committed to seeing the music program flourish.

The mission of Canton Parents for Music is to promote and encourage music in the Canton Schools. The members will, among other activities, provide volunteer assistance to the music teachers and students in Canton, provide equipment and other resources for the instruction and performance of music, provide education for the community on the value of all forms of musical art, and provide financial and other assistance for students studying and performing music in the elementary, secondary and post-secondary educational settings.